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Building Blocks

Building blocks are one of the first toys that we use for toddlers. We encourage them to stack them and

knock them down again and again. It seems to be a very basic skill that we all learn as we develop

coordination. Stacking them carefully can take time so that the upper ones don’t topple. It starts with

just two, then three, until eventually we are building a tower. I recall building a tower up to the ceiling

with some of our grandsons. It was a great victory just to stack it so high, only to knock it over in just


There are building blocks in our lives that we stack up as we mature. We start with basic foundations of

salvation, prayer, reading the Bible. We progress to develop our character according to what we learn in

the Bible. We develop relationships that come along side of us and guide us along the narrow paths. We

learn about Baptism, Communion, worship. Repentance never gets old; it’s a repeated building block

throughout our life journey.

Our tower gets taller as we mature. Every once in a while, it gets toppled. It can be a strong wind. It can

be a crisis. It can be knocked over by a person or circumstances. It can be knocked over by God so we

start fresh recalling the Foundations that we grew up on.

When this happens, it’s not the blocks that are wrong or defective. It’s truly about the process of

building. The process can be done alone or with a group. Alone, we learn specific skills, strategies about

life. . Together we build higher with a combined purpose. The Bible tells us when we can to “encourage

one another and build each other up”. 1Thess. 5:11.

No matter where we find ourselves in this process, let us remember that the process is important. It is

valuable to build upon foundational principles. It is valuable to learn new strategies. It is valuable to

work together with others toward a common goal. We are builders of the kingdom of God.

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