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Yesterday, April 8, 2024 was a day that will be remembered for a solar eclipse in our region. Many were gazing into the sky with special glasses to view an event that no man can make happen. It was a sight that some may never experience again in their lifetime.

As I thought about the day while I was preparing for bed, I realized that I had participated in a wonderful thing that could serve to enhance my life perspective. The days leading up to the actual event seemed to build in excitement as the day got closer. It was conversational everywhere I went: the grocery store,the bank, businesses, church. No one seemed to be left out no matter their background, beliefs, economic status, gender, age.The excitement was in the air and people were making ready for the bigday.

Our yards were full of people watching and commenting and gazing at this spectacular happening.

Afterwards, we talked about it all evening (or so it seemed). We talked about the brightness, the timing, the phases, the glasses, the community aspect. We talked about the next time it is to come our way again. It all seemed so good and so much fun.

Then I had a personal revelation. I rehearsed in my mind the various phases of the eclipse. I was reminded of the first sighting where the edge of the sun had a crescent of darkness in it. It gradually crept in to overtake more and more of the light. Eventually it became dark all around outside as the moon covered the entire sunlight. The birds stopped chirping, everything became still. It was like nighttime in the daytime.

I thought about Jesus being my light. How easy for the darkness of my sin, and my flesh to gradually cover over the Light of Jesus in me. Left to progress, the darkness in me could eventually crowd the Light in me to be unseen by those looking at me. The darkness in me even effects the world around me much like the birds that stopped chirping. The darkness caused nature to stop for a moment, only to resume when the light was restored.

Gradually the moon moved to allow the sun to be seen once again. The sun was restored to fullness.

This is so much like repentance. After repentance, the darkness of sin, allows the Light of Jesus to shine. I understand that sin is a part of our very nature. It is experienced by all of us no matter who we are,

where we come from, our economic status, our religious background, our gender or education. Jesus is available to all of us too. He is Light, Truth, Hope and so much more.

As much as the moon covering the sun brought everything into darkness, our sin covers the Light of Jesus. As the moon effected the even the birds to stop, our sin can cause the atmosphere around us to stop seeing the Truth. The Bible says that all of creation is waiting for the Sons of God to arise.

We are in an era when the Holy Spirit is pouring out grace for repentance. His conviction leads us to repent through the very kindness of God. The eclipse was such a demonstration of the importance of the Light shining. We have the Light of Jesus living inside of us as believers. Our responsibility is to let that Light shine to those around us at all times.

I am grateful for having experienced this very special event.

It serves to remind me of the importance of the Light shining through me.

Lord, let Your Light shine ever so brightly in Your sons and daughters.

Let all of creation give You Praise!

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