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The Bible refers to God, Our Father as faithful. It is one of the Names of God that describes His nature and His character. Jesus, the exact representation of the Father, is referred to as the Faithful One.

As His children, we are being continually formed in His image so that we become the very reflection of Jesus to the world around us. Therefore, faithfulness should be seen in our ways.

Faithfulness can be developed in our lives in many areas:

- It can be demonstrated in our marriages as we walk together through various seasons that include good days and difficult days. Marriage is intended to be maintained as a covenant, an unchanging faithfulness to each other.

- It can be seen in our relationships with our children as they develop over the years. Faithful parenting includes being present in the moment. The temptation to be distracted even while being with the child is common.

-It can be noted in the workplace. Faithful to arrive on time and faithful to fulfill the job at hand with a great attitude are expected.

The greatest area of faithfulness that we need to develop in is in the area of our personal devotion. The way we grow more like Jesus is to spend time with Him. This means that we set time aside to read the Word and meditate on it. It means we worship Him regularly and meaningfully. It looks like making our walk with Him intentional focusing on what He is shining the light on. Usually the light shines on our weak areas so we can become strong in Him.

Faithfulness brings a blessing from God. It brings stability from above into our lives. God is our trusted friend, our source of forgiveness, our ever-present help, our high tower, the One who goes before us and comes behind us. He is the lover of our soul and His love never ends, never fails, is always kind, perseveres.

Lord, help us to be faithful as You are faithful. Let faithfulness be in our lives and shine forth as a reflection of Who You are in us.

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