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Love's Foundation

The refiners fire leads us to examine ourselves carefully in the light of God’s Word. His Word divides our thoughts and emotions from the things that occur around us. It brings truth into situations that we face every day. His Word builds up, exposes lies in our thinking, and shines light on dark places in our mind, will and emotions.

The beauty of this kind of fire is that it is all based on the foundation of love. A parent who loves a child will teach the child some hard things that are good for the child. The child may not like it for a season, but as they mature, it serves them well.

Love is sometimes misunderstood as a feeling. Feelings alone can lead us into somethings that are not good for us. This does not mean that all feelings are negative. It means that truth-based love is secure. God’s love is truth based and very secure. It may require hard things, but there is grace available to us for these hard things.

The refiners fire is for our benefit. It is designed to fashion us into the image of Jesus. It is love and truth based. Let us enter into His love with open hearts that trust in His grace and truth. “I am my beloved’s and His desire is toward me.” Song of Solomon 7:10

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