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Loving Father

This past Sunday the holiness of God poured over us as we entered into worship with open

earts and minds. His holiness causes us to become aware of who He is and who we are not. It requires humility and repentance. It goes deep into our being so that we become softened in the inner man. Our response can only be to give Him praise, honor, glory and exaltation above all things.

As this was happening the Lord gave me a picture of His heart toward us His children. I share this because it impacted me in a fresh new way. He showed me a swing set. He was pushing us on a large swing. He pushed us like we push a child. Forward and back we went, each time getting a little higher. There was great joy on His face and squealing sounds from the ones on the swing.

I was taken by surprise in this scenario mostly because I perceive God to be serious most of the time.

This was a picture of a very loving , caring father delighting in His children. It was so tender, so joyful.

I recognized that the swing cords we hang onto were labeled grace, grace. Wow! We hang onto double grace as He gently urges us higher and forward to greater things. The seat was labeled faith. We rest in faith (trusting what we cannot see).

This demonstrated to me the freedom we can have as we trust His gentle urging. I remembered the way the wind felt in my hair as I swung on a swing as a youngster. I recalled the joy I felt when I learned to pump on my own, feeling so accomplished.

The Lord encourages us to be child-like. He gently urges us to reach forward and higher into His ways for us. He is here delighting in His children. He rejoices when we overcome and learn new things. As holy as He is, He is Father who loves His children.

I could not help but say, “ Lord , I delight in You as You delight in me.” I recalled this verse from the book of Psalms:

Psalms 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.”

Lord, we put our delight in You today and know You delight in us. Push us higher into Your grace and the likeness of Your Son Jesus. We rejoice in Your Presence. We love You!

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