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Open Heaven

We are living under open heavens (The kingdom of God is at hand). Jesus opened the heavens when He resurrected from the grave. He opened the access to the Father so that we could be in communication with Him. As such, we are sons and daughters of the Highest.

In looking at the world around us, we often forget what is available to us through the cross. Our focus becomes what we see rather than what we know to be true from the Word of God. The truth is that we live and move and have our being in Christ Jesus. We are His treasure in earthen vessels; He is our treasure, the One Whom we love.

Under an open heaven, things come into our world from the heavenly realm. Our prayers get answered, miracles happen, salvations happen, excitement in the body of Christ increases. His kingdom comes and His will is done before our very eyes!

Let us embrace the open heaven and walk in the Light of His Presence every day.

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