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Refiners Fire

Our Heavenly Father is a refiner. He refines us as pure gold so we reflect His image. He created us in His image and is constantly pouring His fiery love into our hearts. One day when we stand before Him, we will see His radiance. Now, we trust in His everlasting love as we seek to know Him more and more.

As our refiner, He purifies us. This is not always an easy thing to experience. Often it exposes our weaknesses. This is when we remember that when we are weak, He is strong. Purifying can deal with our past, our wrong motives, our generational curses, our ungodly beliefs, just to mention a few things.

It can cause us to feel overwhelmed with negativity. This is when we remind ourselves that God is for us and disciplines the children He loves. His love for us never fails and never ends.

As our refiner, He is redeeming us on every level. He is making us shine as lights in a dark world. He is transforming us into His beautiful bride. He is fashioning us to look more like Him everyday. He is preparing us for the soon return of Jesus, our bridegroom.

Let us be aware of the Refiner’s fire in this season. Let us enter into this era with humility and awe of the Father’s love. Let us be transformed into the image of Jesus, our soon and coming King!

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