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We have just walked through the remembrance services that capture the very foundations of our faith.

Good Friday reminds us of the suffering and death of Jesus, Our Lord and Savior. As we ponder on His last days on earth with us, we are reminded to live our lives in a pure, holy manner. Forgiveness was obtained for us through repentance. We are reminded that we are His, and as such, we are His reward for the suffering He endured for us. He made a way to the Father for us because He became the spotless lamb in our place. Such love!!

Resurrection Sunday is a reminder of the power of Life He obtained for us, over sin, over sickness, over death. He overcame great obstacles so that we can walk as overcomers with Him daily. His Resurrected Life empowers us to live in His holiness. We are strengthened by the Word of God that is alive in us, His treasured vessels.

One day He will return for us, His precious bride. He longs for our love and affection in the meantime. He prepares a place for us to share for all eternity. He sends love through His Word, His Spirit and other believers.

Let us be mindful of Our Loving Father, His Beautiful Son, (Our Savior and Lord) and the Holy Spirit, (Who remains with us always). What an amazing Love story! What a God we serve!

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