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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

As we enter the summer months, my mind goes to the days that Jesus walked the earth. I always seem to picture the summer time. In reality, He did His ministry year-round. The summer months in our area lend to outdoor meetings, where many can gather more easily on grassy spaces.

Recently, I shared a message of the feeding of 5,000 from the gospel of Mark. It seems that the event actually took place in a remote area where they were far removed from food sources. It occurred in a large open space that accommodated many people. They followed after Jesus because of their spiritual hunger. They were led into this place by their hearts’ desires for the things of God. They did not plan food for the journey. Jesus had compassion on them and fed their hungry hearts and their hungry bodies as well.

So how does this relate to me as an individual living today? I question myself as I read the Word: Would I be able to follow Jesus into an unknown place? Would I trust Him to feed me spiritually and physically? Am I hungry for the things of God, enough to follow hard after Him not knowing the details? Do I receive the spiritual food He gives me? How willing am I to believe the new things He is doing to me and through me? Am I willing to be used by Him in a similar way to minister to others?

These questions lead me to a deeper walk with Jesus. They lead me to find the inner truths that mold me into the believer that I desire to be. This month take some time to ponder in your heart the deeper things of God. You will not regret the journey.

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