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Recently I was led into worship by the Lord. I was swept into a time of intimacy that I have been desiring for some time. I found myself dancing with Jesus. I realized the various dance movements can symbolize our relationship with Him. With this in mind I want to share some of these things to encourage us to enter into intimacy with Him regularly.

I want to start with a very simple slow dance. When two people are in love, there is a closeness in the dance when they gaze into each other’s eyes. At this time their focus is simply one another. A total focus consumes them. They don’t seem to notice anything else around them. As we approach our time with Jesus, are we letting our focus be totally on Him allowing Him to look clearly into our eyes?

When two dance together, one leads and one follows the steps. There is a rhythm they move to. This rhythm is set by the music being played. This pace could be fast or slow, gently quiet or aggressive. In our relationship with Jesus, our Lover, are we letting Him lead as we listen to the rhythm of the Holy Spirit? The Word says the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. (Psalm 37:23) Are we yielded to His moves?

Dancing can be very graceful. This requires smooth adjustments from one step into another. Graceful dancing comes from practice, strengthening, agility. This grace can be observed by others and even be desired in the watcher’s life. Are we responding to the Grace of God in our lives? ( received by spending time in the Word, prayer, worship and fellowship) Can anyone watching our lives see the Grace of God on us?

I want to encourage us all to enter into the dance of the Lord. Enter into intimacy with Him. Let Him lead us in His steps for us as individuals. Let His grace fill us to understand Him more fully as we are transforming into His image.

Lord, come dance with us. We want to dance with

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