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It’s the second month of 2024 and already there is a stir inside me of the transformational work of the Holy Spirit.

The scriptures are causing me to ponder on the things I say and do daily. It’s as if the things that I have struggled with are simply brought into a new focus. I can understand things a little bit more clearly than I have before. I see relationships through the scriptural lens, rather than my own perception. I perceive difficulties through the Words spoken by Jesus, rather than my own interpretation. I sense a forward momentum that compels me to spend time in worship , prayer and the Word.

An awakening to the heart and soul is needed in order to bring about the plans and purposes of God for us in our day. It’s a work of the Spirit, as well as cooperation from us His people. We are being formed and fashioned into the image of Christ.

Let us all be mindful of His desires for us as He matures us , His sons and daughters. Let us be sensitive to His ways. Let us yield to the Holy Spirit, to His conviction which leads us to repentance. Let us fulfill His promises in our day to be made in His image.

Today, Lord, let Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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